About Us

Two highly experienced K-12 educators, Hélène and Joanie have taught in Ontario schools since and 1986 (Joanie) and 1989 (Hélène). Since the year 2000, they have worked collaboratively with district school board staff, formal and informal leaders and K-12 teachers, focussing on designing learning experiences; reflecting on the interplay between assessment and instruction; and investigating how to effectively document and communicate learning.

As a Student Achievement Officer at the Ontario Ministry of Education, Hélène focussed on applying insights from these experiences specifically in the content area of mathematics. Joanie, in her role as Education Officer also at the Ontario Ministry of Education, focussed on working with educators and students in classrooms, exploring how to seamlessly embed the assessment process in instruction to empower learners to achieve their goals.

Recently retired, both Hélène and Joanie continue to be passionate about helping educators leverage the power of assessment and instruction so that all students can achieve their goals as they evolve into independent learners. 

Both are available to facilitate professional learning about assessment upon request. Contact us here