About This Blog

We’ve called our blog “Harnessing the Power of Assessment”. What exactly does that mean?

In education, everyone knows that time is a precious commodity. We regret not having enough time to read and reflect, to prepare, to teach, to interact more individually with students, to meet with colleagues to learn from one another, to implement strategies and to assess. What if assessment were not an additional task in our list of responsibilities? What if we could unlock and harness the power of assessment to support both educators and students in the process of learning?

How might a different approach to the assessment process actually save time and support learning?

How would our actions change if we believed in a ‘zipper’ approach? What if highly aizipper

effective instructional practices were seen as simultaneously highly effective assessment strategies? And conversely, highly effective assessment strategies fused, like a zipper, with instruction? Would this save time? Would educators and students develop a strong sense of efficacy and purpose.

The purpose of this blog is to reveal the simplicity behind the complexity of assessment and evaluation. It is intended for educators, K to secondary, administrators and district leaders.

Come with us on an ‘assessment journey’ through an academic year.  Week by week, we will share what we have learned from our own experiences and from working with dedicated, professional educators about the power of the assessment process to help both educators and learners achieve their goals. We will provide real life examples of classroom interactions, as well as templates and resources to support your learning. Hopefully, you will join in conversation with us — feel free to submit comments and definitely ask questions.

And so, hitch a ride with us…let’s get started on this journey! Click Home to view blog posts.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.
Izaak Walton

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